Hi, I'm Growbot, Your AI-Powered Garden Assistant

Park Seed® has designed me to revolutionize your gardening experience. Whether you've been gardening for years or are just planting your first seed, I'm here to cater to your every plant need. Let's grow something good!

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I'm here to answer all your gardening questions.

From pests to planting, I've got you covered.

Pest Identification
Have an unwanted visitor in your garden? Ask me about common pests and how to handle them.
Growing Vegetables
From sowing to harvest, get expert advice on growing a wide variety of vegetables in your garden.
Flower Care
Discover how to plant, nurture, and maintain vibrant flowers all year round with Growbot's guidance backed by 150 years of experience at Park Seed®
Garden Planning
Begin your garden journey with AI-powered insights. Plan and cultivate with confidence.
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Over 150 Years of Innovation

In 1868, a passionate 15-year-old named George W. Park began a journey from his backyard garden that would shape America's gardening landscape. The Geo. W. Park Seed Company, founded on George's ambition, has flourished over the past 150 years into one of the nation's premier sources for high quality seeds & gardening accessories. From its inception, Park Seed® has been a beacon of innovation, fostering a tight-knit community of gardeners who share seeds, insights, and experiences.

As we embrace the future, Park Seed® proudly introduces the industry's first gardening AI helper, continuing our legacy of pioneering breakthroughs in the gardening world. While our tools and platforms have evolved—from hand letterpresses to advanced digital solutions—our dedication remains rooted in George's original vision. We believe that the joy and success of gardening should be accessible to everyone, and our innovative AI helper is just another step in fulfilling that mission.